Thursday, November 19, 2009

No News Yet

Well, it has been more than a month since NACA submitted the loan modification request to OneWest/IndyMac. There has been no news whatsoever. A call to the Loan Resolutions Department at IndyMac yielded no information other than I should contact NACA.

After spending two hours on hold, I finally spoke to a NACA representative, Devorah, who was singularly unhelpful. She simply told me what I already knew: that the servicer hadn't responded yet, and what I wanted to know was if NACA had followed up with them at all. All I got in return was attitude. I might as well have been speaking with a bank representative. She told me that I was not the only one, (No! Really??? I'm shocked!) and that I needed to keep making these unaffordable payments, and IF I didn't hear anything back by December 15th, then I could call them back.

I'm sorry, but that woman had no right to speak to me that way. I do realize that I am not the "only one" but I only have one house I am trying desperately to save, and it is damned well personal for me, so yes, I want some answers, and I want a timetable. I want to know the organization that I turned to for help because I was getting nowhere dealing with IndyMac on my own, is actually doing something for me.

This whole thing has been a never-ending nightmare and I am so close to losing it. It seems that the banks have all the power and we have none. They can modify or not, all on their whim. This needs to stop and they need to made to modify every toxic loan!